Champagne Lamblot-Perseval


We cultivate our vines in a responsible and reasoned way.
Producing with the greatest respect for the environment is our desire and our duty. This awareness has led us to pursue a viticulture that is ever more respectful of nature and mankind.

Our estate is certified Viticulture Durable en Champagne (VDC) and High Environmental Value (HEV)!

VDC is a Champagne vineyard certification. Application of sustainable development to winegrowing. It is a voluntary approach based on everyday involvement of champagne growers around 3 lines of action :

  • Biodiversity footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water footprintHEV Agriculture is a French certification created and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry in order to promote production from farms which voluntary commit themselves to environmental-friendly practices.

The aim of these certifications is to reduce the pressure of wine-growing practices on the environment ; they are a guarantee of quality and ecological commitment.

For example, we have been replacing insecticides with mating disruption for a number of years now; we only treat the vines when necessary, using the latest generation equipment to limit environmental impact; we use mechanical weeding as much as possible ; we share washing station to recycle and limit water consumption, etc.

We don’t overexploit our vines, we simply take what nature gives us.

Trellising and trimming

Trellising, which takes place in June, involves separating the branches from each other and holding them in place with wires and staples. This prevents the leaves from being packed on top of each other, so that they catch as much sunlight as possible and benefit from good aeration.

Summer pruning (or trimming) begins at the end of June/beginning of July and continues until the harvest. It’s an essential operation to prevent vegetation from dominating fruiting.

Vines through the seasons

In spring, all our attention is focused on the vegetation as it resumes its cycle.

In summer, we maintain our vineyards on a daily basis to ensure optimal grape development.

Autumn brings the harvest.

In winter, the leafless vines give way to maintenance and pruning.